• Peter completed his Master of Arts (Military History) degree through the Australian Defence Force Academy campus of the University of New South Wales in July 2018.
  • 5th - 10th May 2019
    BHL Tour Gallipoli

    This tour offers a number of walks that cover the highlights of the campaign at a relaxed pace.  A feature of the visit to Anzac is a cruise on a dive boat from Gaba Tepe to the Fishermans Hut, providing a splendid view of the landing beaches, Plugges Plateau, the Sphinx and the Sari Bair Range.

    B&B shared accomodation in Chanakkale, each day a mini bus across the Dardenelles on the ferry then on to Helles, Anzac, Suvla Bay, with a packed lunch each day.

    Peter will be joining the BHL guide team for the tour and leading a group from Australia.  Estimated cost is tour $A2,500 plus air fare $A1,200.

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