The Malaya/Singapore Campaign – 1941/1942

The Japanese completed the conquest of Malaya in just seven weeks.  Landing on the north-east coast on 8 Dec 41, they reached Johor Bahru on the southern tip of the peninsula on 31 Jan 42.

The Japanese advanced in a ‘driving charge’ down the Malay peninsula and destroyed the 11th Indian Division at the Slim River; forced the British to withdraw south; overcame resistance from the Australian 8th Div; forced the British back to Singapore Island.  From Johor Bahru, the Japanese attacked Singapore Island.

From the top of the Sultan’s Palace in Johore, Gen Yamashita planned the attack on Singapore Island.  He carried out a feint attack in the north-east sector of the island then launched his main attack against the Australian positions on the north-west sector of the island.  The defenders were forced back to Tengah airfield and then the Juriong defence line.  The Japanese forced their way through the defence line, captured the water supply and surrounded the city.

After continuous aerial and artillery bombardment, on 15 Feb 42 the British surrendered the fortress.