BHA Tours 2019

BHA will be conducting the following battlefield tours in 2019:

  • Gallipoli May 2019
  • Bombing of Northern Australia Jun 2019
  • Battle of Milne Bay Nov 2019
  • Malaya/Singapore Campaign 1942 Feb/Mar 2020

​Please register your interest via 'Contact Us'.

The Gallipoli Campaign

Join the Gallipoli Association (UK) annual tour of the Gallipoli peninsula, conducted by Battle Honours UK.  Visit Anzac Cove, Cape Helles and Suvla Bay.  View Anzac Cove from the Agean Sea just off the beach, climb Plugge's Plateau and visit Shaprnel Gully.  Walk along the third ridge visiting Lone Pine, Quinn's & Courtney's Posts, The Nek, Chunuk Bair.  Walk down the route the New Zealanders took up Rhododendron Spur in August 1915, down to North Beach.

Bombing of Northern Australia 1942

Visit Broome and see the site of the air attack against the flying boats in Roebuck Bay carrying Dutch refugees from Java .  Travel to Darwin to cruise the harbour and visit key sites bombed by the Japanese.  Travel down to Alice Springs stopping at Adelaide River, Birdum and Katherine.

Battle of Milne Bay

Visit the Japanese landing locations, No 3 Strip, the Australian defensive positions, trace the Australian counter offensive from No 3 Strip along the north coast through Rabi, KB Mission, Waga Waga, Wanadala, Ahioma.

Malaya/Singapore Campaign 1942

Malaysia - Track the Japanese advance from the Slim River down to Johore Bahru.  Includes visits to Muar River, the ambush sites at Gemas & Bakri, the withdrawal to Parit Sulong, the crossing of the causeway.

Singapore - Visit the north west sector defended by the Australians, the surrender site at the Ford Factory, the HQ at Fort Canning, Changi POW memorial.