WWII Lithgow

During World War II, Lithgow was the centre of Australia’s war time small arms production.  Weapons manufactured at The Small Arms Factory at Lithgow included:

  • .303 Lee Enfield Rifle with Bayonent and a number of variations
  • .303 Vickers Heavy Machine Gun
  • .303 Bren Light Machine Gun
  • Barrels and components for the .50 Browning Machine Gun
  • Enhancements to the 9mm Owen Gun

Samples of these weapons and many other exhibits are in the Small Arms Factory Museum.

The factory, the mines and the transport hub in Lithgow were protected by Anti-Aircraft gun emplacements around the town.

The Group will catch a train at Central which terminates at Mt Victoria.  Your guide, Peter Sweeney from Battle Honours Australia, will board the train at Lawson Station in the Blue Mountains.  Mini bus transport will collect the group at Mt Victoria station, transport the group around the various sites and deliver the group to Lithgow station for the return journey.

Coach pick up and return from Club meeting point is available.

Itinerary & Timings

  • 07:23        Board train at Central
  • 09:42        Alight at Mt Victoria Station
  • 10:00        Board mini bus to Mt York Lookout
  • 10:10        Visit Mt York Lookout
  • 10:30        Mini bus to Small Arms Factory Museum
  • 11:00        SAFM Welcome & morning tea/coffee, SAFM Tour
  • 12:45        Mini bus to Lithgow Workers Club for lunch
  • 13:45        Mini bus to gun battery site Bowenfels, Site Tour
  • 14:15        Mini bus to Hassans Walls Lookout
  • 15:00        Mini bus to Lithgow Station
  • 15:25        Board Train at Lithgow
  • 18:14        Arrive central Station


  • Bus transport
  • SAFM entry fee and tour
  • Tea/Coffee on arrival at SAFM
  • Lunch at Workers Club


  • Opal card train fares
  • Drinks at Workers Club


Train/Mini Bus $80 per person

Coach $105 per person